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February 11th
Hi John, Thank you for writing this excellent article, shared with me by one of my oldest friends. I am very slowly returning to an open-mind about religious practice (from a quite hostile orientation). When I read material like this, it gives me hope ...
December 13th
The sermon that morning was on the first part of Malachi, not the later part I'm referenceing here. You can listen to the sermon at and listen to other sermons at
December 10th
John, is the above a transcript of the sermon, or a summary, or a completely different document? I'd love to hear the actual sermon? Do you record your sermons? Are they available as podcasts? I like this article so well that I imagine I'd lo...
June 30th
This is a big, complicated issue, and this will not be my only comment. Let me get my "truth in advertising out of the way. I have a Masters in Theology from the Moravian Theological Seminary, including courses from Dr. Atwood, quoted above. My hero,...
June 13th
Interesting story. I think old-style traditional churches are really challenged today on many different fronts.