Video and Film Production Workshops 


John's standard workshops include:

Introduction to Lighting: All-day or half-day for beginners, introduces the concepts and tools of film and video lighting.  No experience required, hands-on demonstrations.

 Advanced Lighting: All-day or half-day hands-on workshop or two hour seminar presentation.  Dramatic scene lighting, greenscreen lighting, special effects lighting. Attendance at "Intro" workshop or equivalent experience required.

Intro to DV/HD Production:  All-day or half-day for beginners, introduces the concepts and tools of film-style production.  Micro budget/pizza budget focus with consumer equipment.  No experience required, hands-on demonstrations.

Digital Filmmaking: All-day or half-day advanced program focusing on the practical issues of digital production using professional equipment and crew.  Low budget SAG focus.  Experience required.

Achieving the Film Look: Seminar presentation outlining the ingredients of film look and how it is acheived using digital production tools.

Indie Film Financing: A basic introduction to the business of indie film financing, covering the legal morass of legally recruiting investors, crowd funding, non-profit funding, presales.

Blue Screen Lighting & Compositing: Seminar presentation (2 hrs) or all-day hands-on workshop on the key components of blue-green screen compositng and special FX. Lighting the screen, lighting the subject, matching the plate, compositing trick for a realistic end product.

John Jackman teaches a workshop at DV Expo East in NYC.

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