These programs are general in nature and do not address faith issues.  Keynote addresses should always be customized for the special needs and situations of each institution.

Finding Your Passion: Using the process and resources of college to find your direction in life.

Learning for Life: Cultivating Curiousity for Wider Horizons.

The Pursuit of Excellence: Edwards Demming and Creating Excellence in Your Field.


The Emerging Church: New Containers, Ancient Sacraments How young people of faith have been discovering ancient worship traditions and weaving them into new forms; and how local congregations can authentically build on the energy of ancient ways.

A Brief History of Hell: Everything You Know is Wrong  
Jackman reviews the history of the development of Hell, looking at the Biblical concepts of Sheol, Gehenna, and the parables of Jesus; the later integration of Greek ideas of Tartarus; how the concept now preached derives not from Scripture but from Middle Ages fearmongering.  Not recommended for conservative or fundamentalist groups!

The Son of God is Laughing: Humor in the Church
For years Jackman has advocated for the use of humor in worship in a positive healthy way.  He has helped to resurrect the ancient Orthodox tradition of "Bright Sunday" the week after Easter.  Those who take themselves too seriously are encouraged not to attend!

The End of the World, Part 42
 Jackman's entertaining, factual, and humor-filled presentation about the long and embarrasing history of "end-times" predictions; and the short and strange history of the "rapture" as commonly accepted among many evangelicals today.  Not recommended for conservative or fundamentalist groups!


Colleges with film production programs should visit the Film Production workshops page.


John Jackman has maintained close connection with college-age millennials and Gen-Z over the years, keeping a finger on the pulse of the rising generations.  In his filmmaking work, he has mentored many young talents and actively uses promising interns on projects.  He was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year Award by the ScottCares Foundation in 2009 for his work mentoring young filmmakers.  In the church world, he has mentored many young pastors both the formal student pastorates and informal relationships with recent seminary graduates.  

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