Our apologies -- DV Magazine has recently completely restructured their server and have dropped most of the archived articles.  These links are obsolete.  We will be republishing selected materials here as time allows. 

Here are a few of John Jackman's many film/video articles that may be of interest:


HDV And The Future

HDV to Film: A Real-World Test

HDV to 35mm Film Transfer Tests With The JVC HD100

Lighting the Darkness

Repurposing Video for Print

Lighting for Chroma Key PART 1 
Lighting for Chroma Key PART 2

Using Power Matte

Key Master: Pulling the “Impossible” Key in Your NLE


The Craft of Lighting Column:

Using Gels

Lighting Food Shots 

The Noble British Physicist and the Color of Light

Lighting Food Shots 

Hard or Soft? 

Light for the Eyes 

Outdoors at High Noon