Over the years, John has written numerous editorials and articles for newspapers and magazines, in addition to his regular contributions to technical magazines.


A sampling of John's editorials:

Ethics In the Boardroom
New Jersey Star-Ledger, March 31, 1996

A Modest Proposal
Winston-Salem Journal,

Remembering Ed Martin
Allentown Call

John Galt Was Not A Christian


Images of Violence Warp Young Minds
by the Rev. John Jackman
Winston-Salem Journal, April 28, 1999

Enough, Already!
Christian Filmmakers Need to Get  New Concept
by the Rev. John Jackman
September 3, 2001

Socially Responsible Media

by the Rev. John Jackman
Will September 11 Make A Difference in Media Violence?

Who Will Speak in the Public Interest?
by the Rev. John Jackman
Media deregulation threatens free exchange of information
Winston-Salem Journal, March 9, 2002

Talk Back To TV!
by the Rev. John Jackman
The Moravian Magazine, October, 1999